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A Garden Wick

Taking a look at the future garden space

So I have a big back yard, and for being in the heart of Boston, that's pretyt unheard of. I am going to HAVE to have an amazing garden simply for that fact. 

Be prepared in the enxt few months to be invited to an awesome shin-dig in the space.


I talked to my neighbors, and it sounds as though the backyard has not been given any TLC in about 6 years so I had my work cut out for me the day I decided to weed and asses the damage.


Here's the space before I used my landscaping skills..photo_3-1

Here's a look at the progress I'm making. Gotta get ready for those plants, flowers, and seedlings.


I haven't decided if I'm going to uttilize the 12 planters I found and cleaned out or if I'll plant directly into the ground.


Planter PRO: I can compelely control the soil and soil climate.

Ground PRO: I don't have to spend money on dirt/perlite/etc...



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